Hello and Welcome!

This is my first blog and so my first blog post. So why start now? Well, simply put, I want to share my recent experiences on my path to creating a cross-platform mobile application…I’m done yet!

Recently, I switched from Objective-C native to Rhodes and finally to PhoneGap + Couchbase for various reasons. Objective-C felt too heavy given all the memory management boilerplate code. Rhodes was very efficient, but RhoSync licensing was too expensive. So despite the pioneering efforts required to use Couchbase (, which provides mobile versions of CouchDB (, I have decided to start blazing a trail and help the community make the Couchbase ecosystem fullfil its full potential.

I have released the following libraries and ruby gems, which, among other things, I will be providing tutorials and background on in the future:

In addition to the choice of base application technologies, in order to build something cross-platform that is easier to maintain, I have based the client on the following web technologies: brunch ( which packages CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Eco, Stylus, and CommonJS into a really nice working environment; iScroll 4; and many great query libraries including JQuery Mobile and JQuery Global.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you find this useful on your own journey.